Condition: Desmoplastic Round Cell Tumor
City, State: WA
Club: Seattle Prep School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 2/03/2009

Rhema's Story:
(2/3/09) Rhema is 12 years old. She was experiencing bone pain that became so intense and so common that she had to drop out of her activities (soccer and cheerleading), she missed a lot of school. She would experience pain in her knees, her right shoulder, her hips, her neck, her arm, her spine. Many trips to the doctor and emergency room revealed nothing regarding what could be causing her pain. Finally, an ultrasound exam showed that Rhema had 3 large tumors in her abdomen and a lesion on her liver. She has spots on her lungs and lesions on her liver. They do not know what kind of cancer this is nor any other info. She has undergone a three hour procedure in which they took out several cores of tumor, performed two bone marrow biopsies and placed a central line to her artery that she could receive medicines and chemo through and they could take blood draws from.


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