Condition: Brain Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Highland Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 747
Date Adopted: 9/16/2010

Remi's Story:
(10.13.10) Remi Robinson was a beautiful little girl of 18 months old when her parents noticed something unusual. Remi started to fall down when she walked. Her parents took her to the doctor where they were told that she had hip dysplasia. Her mother thought otherwise. Remi went to see another physician who referred them to a neurologist. On Jan 28th, it was discovered that Remi had a brain tumor. The family was immediately referred to Doernbecher Children's Hospital in Portland for treatment. She underwent surgery to remove the tumor that sat between her spine and cerebellum. It was then they were told that Remi had cancer,a brain tumor known as Medulloblastoma. She began chemo on Febuary 18th and continued until the first of May. Her parents thought thing were improving when Remi caught a common cold virus. But to Remi, it was anything but common. She spent the next 82 days in the hospital battling the virus. Her parents were told at one point to say their goodbyes because, according to physicians, she was not going to make it. Remi began to fight back and finally recovered enough to continue her next phase of treatment. There was a tiny piece of the tumor that still remained. She began 6 weeks of radiation in an attempt to get rid of it. Once again, in the middle of treatment, Remi caught another infection and was in the hospital for three weeks. Her parents were told, yet again, to say their goodbyes as Remi's kidney's began to shut down and her prognosis was not good. But their little fighter battled back again. Today Remi is still suffering from the affects of infections and radiation. She still has many medications to take and will return to Portland on Nov 3 for an MRI to check her status. Her battle is far from over. But, for the next few weeks at least, she is happy to be home with her parents and brothers, Preston (12), Ky (4), Jackson (4), and Bronson (3 months). Sparrow cash raised will help this family with their ongoing medical bills as well as prescriptions and transportation costs resulting from many trips to Portland.


The Delgado Family
The Delgado Family The Delgado Family