Paisley M.

Condition: Liver Tumor
City, State: Sunny Valley, OR
Club: Gladiola Campus Sparrow Club Service Hours: 325
Date Adopted: 2/24/2012

Paisley's Story:

At nearly nine months old, little Paisley Million is a very curious, happy, and calm baby girl.  In fact, at first glance, you might never suspect that sweet Paisley has already had three surgeries and is fighting for her life. 

When Paisley was only four months old, doctors discovered a tumor growing inside her liver.  Biopsy surgery was performed, followed quickly by two additional surgeries in which a tumor the size of a cantaloupe was removed, leaving only 27% of Paisley’s liver.  Over the course of these surgeries, Paisley required eight blood transfusions, due to complications resulting from severe anemia.  Shortly after recovery, Paisley’s family learned that the original biopsy tested positive for cancer.  At this point, the need for future surgeries and/or treatment is uncertain, so doctors monitor her very closely.

Unfortunately, Paisley is not the only one in her family affected by cancer.  Currently, Paisley’s mother Chelsey is fighting her own battle with cancer in the form of a brain tumor.  In fact, Chelsey underwent brain surgery when she was seven months pregnant with Paisley.  Doctors were able to remove 80% of the tumor, and since then, Chelsey has undergone 37 radiation treatments.  She will now receive chemotherapy for two to four years.

Between the two of them, Paisley and Chelsey travel to Portland every three months for doctor appointments and meetings with specialists.

Watch Paisley's Video

Gladiola Campus, in Grants Pass, is very excited to adopt Paisley as their new Sparrow.  Students will work hard to raise money for Paisley through community service and fundraising projects.  Funds raised for Paisley will help cover frequent travel expenses and will also help with general living expenses, which are accumulating during this difficult time.

The Sparrow Club at Gladiola Campus is proudly co-sponsored by Gates Home Furnishings and Jim Sigel Automotive.


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