Condition: Galen Malformation
City, State: CA
Club: Sultana High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 3/04/2009

Miguel's Story:
3/19/2008 Miguel was born to his parents, Ramona and Salvador Maldonado, on 5/30/2004. He is the third of four boys in the family. Miguel seemed healthy and normal at first. Then, at 9 months of age, Miguel would have episodes where his whole body would go stiff and rigid. His mother took him into a local doctor. Soon after an MRI test a neurologist physician at Loma Linda Pediatric Hospital diagnosed Miguel with a very rare brain disorder called Galen Malfunction or AV Fistula. This brain disease causes abnormal blood flow and can be a terminal condition causing abnormal muscle movement, seizures and heart attacks. At one year of age Miguel had brain surgery where doctors put in a special clip to correct the blood flow. . Since the surgery Miguel has been improving but will need ongoing medication, physical therapy and a special diet. Future MRI's are scheduled and more surgeries are also a possibility. Despite the fact that Miguel cannot walk on his own and do the normal physical activities of a four year old he is very happy and playful. He loves to squirm on the floor and play with his brothers. His family is very loving and committed to Miguel's care. Mom also stays home to help provide special care for Miguel. Hundreds of students from the Avid and other Sultana High School clubs stood to show their commitment to serve at the assembly in adopting Miguel as their Sparrow on March 12, 2008. One of the goals of the project is to raise enough money for Miguel to get a special bike along with helping the family with related medical costs and basic family needs.


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