Michael A.

Condition: Ewing's Sarcoma
City, State: Bothell, WA
Club: Skyview Jr. High Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 10.01.2015

Michael's Story:

Michael was diagnosed in June, 2015, with Ewing's Sarcoma-a rare bone cancer which is localized in his left tibia. Michael has completed 6 rounds of chemotherapy, has surgery scheduled for September 23rd for removal of bone and tumor, and will then follow up with several more months of chemo. He will have one final surgery at the end of treatment. This is a lot for the average 14 year old boy, but Michael has shown he is far from average.
Michael is an AMAZING kid. He always has a smile on his face and finds the positive in life. He's funny, friendly, kind, outgoing, curious, smart and loving. Michael enjoys being involved in school by being active in drama, band (percussionist), ASB treasurer, and is also active in boy scouts. Michael make's every moment an adventure. He LOVES to travel and most of all LOVES Amusement Parks. One of his big dreams is to own his own amusement park someday.
The most important part of Michael's story is he is a Christian. He was baptized last year and later went on a mission trip to Mexico through his family's church, Canyon Hills, which has had a huge positive impact on him.
Another huge asset Michael has is his classmates and friends at Skyview Jr High in Bothell WA. They are adopting Michael as their Sparrow this school year. With the sponsorship of the Dellino Law Group, they are all committed to join Michael on his journey to recovery and make a great impact on the entire community through their service as well.
What Michael and his family know for certain is: 1) Michael is going to fight this cancer with everything he's got. 2) This will make Michael and his family stronger. 3) He is NOT alone. He has his family, friends, but most of all, he has God holding him up through this journey--his God who will never leave him. And lastly, they know God has big plans for Michael. He and his family are actually excited to see what they are! That's why Michael's motto is ...
Pray BIG!


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