Condition: Born prematurely - Legally blind, cerebral palsy
City, State: OR
Club: Highland Elementary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 388
Date Adopted: 1/25/2008

Maya's Story:
(2/18/08) Beautiful little Maya Andrick has struggled medically since the day she was born on March 8, 2005 (at St. Charles Hospital, Bend). She was 3 ? months premature which caused many problems for her physically. She only weighed 1.7 pounds at birth! Her lung collapsed six days after she was born and her mom Wendy didn't get to hold her until April 1st, almost a month after she was born. In mid April (2005), the doctors said Maya would need eye surgery, so she was flown to Doernbecher's in Portland. Her dad Gregg flew with her and Wendy drove. Four eye surgeries and three months later, Maya finally got to come to her home in Bend. Maya has ROP (detachment of the retina), a vision disease from being born prematurely, and is legally blind. She will need to have another eye surgery in the future. Right now she can only see about a foot in front of her but that doesn't seem to slow her down. In 2007, Maya was diagnosed with cerebral palsy and is unable to walk on her own currently. She wears braces on her feet to support her ankles. She has an eating disorder and is working with a nutritionist. She also has a lung disease (from the premature birth) and can't be around children 10 years and under because she could catch an infection that would be very dangerous to her. This is hard on her because she can't have any friends her age over to play. In spite of all of these challenges, Maya is a happy little girl full of smiles and laughter. She is very smart and to hear her sweet little voice makes your heart melt. Maya likes music, books, and loves anything to do with Elmo. She also likes to ride "her horse" Foxy at Healing Reins and loves to swim at Healing Bridges. She enjoys being outdoors when the weather is nice. Sparrow cash raised for Maya will help pay for her physical therapy, her nutritionist, and also speech and vision specialists. It will cover the travel costs to Casey Eye Institute in Portland for her follow up visits. It will also assist with the everyday living expenses as Wendy had to quit working last fall to focus on Maya's needs.


J Morris
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