Condition: Heart Defect
City, State: WA
Club: St Thomas Moore Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 11/17/2009

Lizzianne's Story:
(1.4.10) Lizzianne is a bright, thoughtful second grade student at Silver Lake Elementary School. She has an older brother, Brandon who is 10 years old along with caring parents, Trang and Anthony. Lizzianne had a difficult start in her young life; doctors discovered a heart defect before she was even born. At 14 days old she had to undergo her first surgery and this has been followed up by 5 additional surgeries in the past 8 years. Doctors have had to work with Lizzianne's reversed system, her heart is located on the right side of her chest and other complications with her small body has led to increased cholesterol and triglyceride levels in her system. At times Lizzianne has G tubes inserted to help with nourishment and because of her size numerous open heart surgeries have had to be performed to make necessary corrections. Lizzianne has many health issues that she must tackle but she does so with courage. Money raised for Lizzianne will help offset the cost of expensive medicine, supplements and food for her specialized diet. Additionally, there are many medical costs that are not covered by insurance and regular trips to Seattle are costly for this family. Lizzianne is small in stature but large when it comes to dialogue, she loves to carry on lengthy conversations. Lizzianne's favorite subject in school is science; she enjoys drawing and would love to learn how to play the piano.


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