Kylie C.

Condition: POTS Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome
City, State: OR
Club: Sisters High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1303
Date Adopted: 2/01/2011

Kylie's Story:
(11/4/11) In September of 2009, Kylie was a normal 13 year old girl looking forward to beginning school and hanging out with her friends. But, unfortunately, there were a few kinks in the road. Kylie began suffering from severe abdominal pain. She was taken to the doctor who thought it was possibly appendicitis. After an exam, the doctors could find no real problems so she was diagnosed with a ruptured cyst and sent home. From September to November, Kylie went to the doctor over a dozen times for these issues and each time the doctors could find nothing conclusive. They eventually suggested that she start a pain medicine regimen to help control the pain. Her parents disagreed with this and continued seeking medical help. They knew something was wrong and they wanted to find the problem. The family then moved to Sisters and Kylie was taken to a new physician. They discovered a problem with her gall bladder and it was removed. Kylie began to improve over the next couple of weeks but then rapidly went downhill again. After a visit with yet another physician and a year battling symptoms, they were finally able to diagnose her with an illness known as POTS. Kylie began taking several medications to help her improve but her condition was only continuing to worsen. After the first of the year, 2011 now, she began having memory problems, speech issues, seizures and fainting spells. Realizing that all the medications were doing nothing to help, her parents and doctors decided to begin weaning her off some of her medications to see if that would make a difference. There were some improvements but nothing that really helped. Currently, Kylie is starting her Sophomore year at Sisters High. She still has problems and health issues that the doctors cannot figure out. She needs to see some specialists for certain things to see if there is anything further they can do to help but there are insurance issues that are keeping this from happening. Kylie is a very strong young lady and continues to battle her illness with bravery and courage every day. Sparrow cash raised would help to pay ongoing medical expenses, travel expenses, and specialists that could help Kylie to finally find some relief.


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