Condition: Mitral Valve Stenosis
City, State: WA
Club: Mountain View High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 2561
Date Adopted: 2/21/2008

Kyleigh's Story:
(3.16.09) Kyleigh Hutcheson is a beautiful little 2 year old girl who already carries a miraculous story. She was born with congenitive mitral valve stenosis - a very serious heart condition that has forced her to have 10 major heart surgeries since she was 4 months old. Kyleigh relies on a mechanical heart valve to survive. Doctors have been uncertain at times to how she continues to live - but she is a fighter! At 21 months of age, she was given a tracheostomy, a tube in her throught to help her breathe. Many battles have been fought and already won - she is now learning to breathe on her own. There will be more battles ahead. She currently needs over 16 medications every day to help offset the complications stemming from her heart condition. She has a wonderful single mom, Tina, who loves her along with her grandma Sandy, great grandma Charlotte and her 7 year old aunt Hailey. She'll have to get a new heart valve when she turns four, to adjust to her growing body. She loves music, her family , crinkly toys and books.


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Gillespie Dentistry, ESCO

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