Condition: Congenital Malformation of Intestines
City, State: OR
Club: Westside Church Youth Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 9/21/2010

Kyle's Story:
(10.21.10)Kyle was born a happy and healthy boy. He grew up doing all the things boys usually do from hanging with his siblings to playing sports like football. But, one day, when he was 11 years old, everything changed. All of a sudden, Kyle became ill. He wasn't eating as much and began to lose weight. He was taken to a doctor where they found that he had a malrotation of the intestines causing severe internal bleeding. He was immediately sent to the hospital in Portland. Doctors there had never really seen anything like it and were uncertain about doing surgery on Kyle at that time. Instead, they suggested that they leave it alone to see if the condition would correct itself. Thus a new life for Kyle began. He was no longer able to play sports as any direct hit on his abdomen could be dangerous. He had to travel to Portland once a year for a blood transfusion to help with the slow blood loss that he continued to experience. Kyle took up other interests to pass the time. He found that music could be a lot of fun and has decided that he wants to be a musician when he grows up. He loves to be outside and enjoys camping and fishing with his family. And he likes to spend time with his dad, helping him with his drywall business. But then in August of 2010, life for Kyle would take another turn. He went up to Portland for his usual transfusion. Only this time he needed another one two weeks later and doctors knew they were going to have to do something. Tests were run and they determined that Kyle had lost so much blood that he wouldn't be able to return home again. Something had to be done this time. After sitting in the hospital for two weeks, the doctors in Portland said that they could not perform the surgery due to the high risks involved and began searching for a hospital that could. They found one in Nebraska and Kyle and his father were flown there right away. At this time, Kyle is still awaiting surgery. They will attempt to fix his problem by placing a shunt. Doctors say there is a 50/50 chance that it will work. If it fails, Kyle will receive a transplant immediately in order to save his life. He continues to undergo testing and blood transfusions every week as he awaits his surgery. In the meantime, the family has little income as Brad, Kyle's father, is staying in Nebraska with Kyle. After the surgery, doctors say that Kyle will have to remain in the hospital at least 6 months before returning home to be with his family, his mom Kaimy, and his three siblings, Koeddy (19), Kamrein (15), and Kayla (13). Sparrow Cash raised for this family will help pay the mounting medical bills as well as everyday living expenses while Kyle's father is unable to work.


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