Condition: Motor vehicle accident
City, State: WA
Club: Mtn View High School, Vancouver, WA Sparrow Club Service Hours: 960
Date Adopted: 1/14/2010

Kristopher's Story:
(1/14/10) Kris has been adopted by Mountain View High School, where he is a freshman. Last year Kris, a 6'5" athlete, was hit by an SUV while riding his bike. The driver was using a cell phone. Kris was dragged over 120' before being run over. He suffered brain trauma resulting in a total of 5 surgeries. Prior to the accident, Kris was about to sign & join the Philadelphia Philly's farm team in Mexico. He has played baseball since he was 5 years old. He was very goal oriented and driven. Kris communicates when he is able with his dad with his right fingers in baseball signs. Funds raised by Mountain View High School will help with the cost of a stander to assist in rehabilitation, a computer to communicate, a new wheelchair, and other day to day needs.


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