Condition: Multiple disabilities including a seizure disorder, developmental disabilities, and is non-verbal.
City, State: OR
Club: Central Christian School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 10/13/2008

Kevin's Story:
(4.1.09) Kevin Roberts is an exuberant boy whose courage, patience, and determination in facing the obstacles of his everyday life are an inspiration to many. His disabilities are numerous and Kevin is a bit of a mystery to the medical world. Kevin is 15 and has multiple disabilities. He was hospitalized 5 times in 2008 and just spent 2 ? weeks in Stanford having MRI's, a spinal tap, and numerous tests and surgeries done, all to figure out why his health is deteriorating and the doctors were still unable to give the family any answers. Once he got back home the seizures started even worse than they had been before. Kevin's condition has been very unstable for the last 4 months. Kevin was born with many of these disabilities and has learned to cope and adapt. He has had a Vagus Nerve Stimulator since 1999 to help with the seizure disorder. Just before Thanksgiving in 2008 he began to lose a lot of weight. He got very sick and was hospitalized. He never gives up even when he's going through his roughest times and he has an extremely high tolerance for pain. In spite of all his challenges, Kevin is a boy who will end up changing your life once you get to know him. He can look at you and smile and it speaks volumes. He loves school busses and loves to "drive". Anything he can make into a steering wheel is a great pastime for him. He loves to listen to music and really likes people. His main communication is blowing a kiss. He likes to make eye contact and you just know that he has so much he would love to say´┐Ż if he only could. Sparrow cash raised for Kevin will help with the medical expenses not covered by insurance and the family's everyday living expenses. (Kevin's dad was recently laid off from his job, to make matters worse for the family.) It will also help with travel expenses while making trips to doctors at Stanford Medical Center in Northern California.


The Ward Family
The Ward Family The Ward Family