Kassandra G-H.

Condition: Premature birth, MRSA infection
City, State: Grants Pass, OR
Club: Grants Pass High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1561
Date Adopted: 9/24/2014

Kassandra's Story:

Kassandra (Kassie) and her twin Kaelin were born premature at only 26 weeks along. While pregnant with the girls, their mom had contracted a dangerous, antibiotic resistant staph infection called MRSA. The infection also passed to Kassie. At only a week old, Kassie was flown to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital where she had surgery on her eyes, but the bacteria from MRSA had already spread to her brain. Her mom and twin sister had to stay behind. Weeks later Kassie was finally flown back to the hospital where she was born, to be with her mom and sister. Uncertain if she would even live, Kassie’s parents never gave up hope and in time she surpassed even the doctor’s expectations and thrived.

Kassie is now an energetic five year old, who battles with glaucoma and is legally blind in her right eye. Last November she had laser surgery for her cataracts and in January she had a shunt placed in her right eye.

She and her family take frequent trips to Medford and Portland for her eye care and treatment and in the future, Kassie may need many more surgeries.

Although Kassie struggles, she plays like any other kid her age, wrestling around with sisters Kaelin and Abigail, and her big brother Jose Jr. She loves going to preschool with her with her twin sister and making new friends.

Kassie will be adopted as a Sparrow to Grants Pass High School. Students will work hard to raise money for Kassie through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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