John M.

Condition: Injuries resulting from premature birth and amniotic band syndrome
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: Logos Public Charter School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1974
Date Adopted: 11/01/2019

John's Story:
• John is a 9-year-old young man who attends Logos Public Charter School. He is very affectionate and brings joy to everyone he meets. He has been described by many as a ray of sunshine.

• John was born three months early with several medical challenges. His main challenge was a condition called amniotic band syndrome. His right leg and right hand were tangled within the womb.

• John was emergency air lifted to Shriners Hospital for Children right after he was born. Doctors had to remove his leg from the knee down but were able to keep his right hand. He now wears a prosthetic leg and has limited mobility in his right hand. It is a miracle he can even walk being that his left foot is a club foot.

• John also struggled with very weak lungs when he was a baby and has had bouts of severe asthma and bronchitis.

• Along with his many physical challenges, John has some hidden disabilities as well. He was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, behavior/sensory disorders, and ADHD.

• John lived in four different homes before the age of two. He even lived in Hawthorne Park and slept under trees at one point. John finally found the love and security he needed after he came to his family through the gift of adoption.

• John’s life experiences have made him a very compassionate and loving young man. He feels he has so much to give back to this world.

• John’s most pressing health needs are a resolution to a neck/spine problem and future adjustments to his leg. Doctors continue to monitor and discuss possible future surgeries.

• Despite everything, John is a determined individual. He refuses to let any of his hurdles keep him down for long.

• John will be adopted as a Sparrow to Logos Public Charter School. Logos Students will work hard to raise money for John through sponsored community service.


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