Condition: Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome
City, State: OR
Club: LaPine Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 256
Date Adopted: 11/16/2010

Joey's Story:
(12.15.10) Joey was born a happy, healthy little boy on September 21, 1998. It wasn't until he was ready to leave the hospital that the doctors discovered that something was seriously wrong. Joey had suddenly begun to turn blue. At first, doctors thought that he had a heart murmur but as his condition worsened, Joey was put on oxygen and sent immediately to Emmanuel hospital in Portland. Physicians there began tests on Joey and discovered that he had been born with a condition known as Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome. This is a condition that occurs when the left ventricle of the heart fails to form. Joey was immediately scheduled to begin the Norwood procedure, a set of three different surgeries to help his body function with the missing part of his heart. He had his first surgery at 2 days old and was given a less then 5% chance of survival. He made it through the surgery and was sent home after three weeks in the hospital. The family was told that most kids with this condition fail to make it past the age of 2. At 4 months old, Joey underwent the next phase of his surgery. Phase III happened around 2 years old. Joey almost died during the procedure and doctors had to go back to Phase 2. They tried again at 2 ? and the procedure failed again. At this point, they did a different procedure to help get more blood flowing and more oxygen into Joey's lungs. At 4 years old, Phase III was tried again and they almost lost him 4 different times. Joey has had several open heart surgeries and more heart catheterizations then he can count. In October of 2010, Joey had surgery yet again to close a hole in his heart and place 4 coils to help stop the growth of a new vein that was causing a shortage of oxygen to his lungs. At this time, Joey is one of the oldest living children with this condition. Doctors are not sure what will come next, but they are certain that he will need a heart transplant in the future in order to survive. For now, Joey is a happy 12 year old who loves playing video games, basketball and bowling, and any activity that keeps him moving. He also loves spending time with his mom since the loss of his older brother to cancer in May 2010. Sparrow Cash raised with be used to cover the ongoing medical bills and transportation costs to Portland as well as the many medications Joey has to take.


Rebound Physical Therapy, LaPine,  Urszula Tajchman MD
Rebound Physical Therapy, LaPine, Urszula Tajchman MD Rebound Physical Therapy, LaPine, Urszula Tajchman MD

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LaPine Health Clinic, Drug Mart LaPine Health Clinic, Drug Mart