Condition: Severe Milk Protein Allergy
City, State: OR
Club: Trinity Lutheran School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 465
Date Adopted: 2/28/2008

Joel's Story:
(3/25/08) When Joel Sharpe was born on February 17, 2007 he had really low blood sugar and became bloated and was bleeding in his bowels. He was airlifted to Doernbecher's in Portland and they began doing many tests to find out what was causing these problems. They ended up putting him on hypo allergenic formula and sending him home after a couple of weeks. He was diagnosed with "failure to thrive" as he kept throwing up the formula he was given. He ended up having four blood transfusions here and was sent back to Doernbecher's from June to July. They ended up putting a tube in his nose so he could be fed that way. In November 2007 he was given a G-tube in his stomach so he could get the nutrition he needed. They finally determined that he can not have any milk products at all so he is on a specialized formula until he is two years old. He has just recently started to eat "real" food and seems to be doing well. He will hopefully have a surgery in April to remove the G-tube from his stomach. Developmentally Joel is about five months behind. He just started crawling and loves to play with balls. He likes watching his brothers play and is a happy little boy these days. Sparrow cash raised for Joel will help cover the medical expenses not covered by insurance, special formula and food for Joel, speech and physical therapy, and basic living expenses.


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