Condition: Brain Cancer
City, State: OR
Club: Bend High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 5749
Date Adopted: 1/19/2009

Jimmy's Story:
(2.19.09) (Submitted by Debbie Pantenburg) In mid-March 2008, Jimmy Pantenburg had a headache for about a week so he went to BMC Urgent Care on Thursday, March 13 to check it out. They did an MRI and discovered a 7 centimeter tumor, about the size of a small potato, in the middle of his brain. This was a very frightening time for Jimmy as the tumor was a shock to everyone. He was naturally afraid of brain surgery and the concept of "brain cancer". He was sent to Doernbecher Children's Hospital immediately and had surgery on Monday, March 17th. The surgery was remarkably successful and the surgeons removed all of the tumor without any complications, a miracle in and of itself at that time. Jimmy was back to school within 2 weeks. By April 15, he began 6 weeks of radiation treatments in Portland. He went to school at Westside Village Magnet every Monday morning, with treatments in Portland on Monday night. Every Tuesday through Thursday, Jimmy went to Doernbecher for radiation in the morning and attended their school in the afternoon. On Friday mornings, very early, he received his last weekly radiation treatment in Portland, in order to get back to Westside Village in Bend each Friday after lunch. He was committed to finishing school and being with his friends. Even after brain surgery, his final 8th grade assessments were very high, he attended their field trip to the Oregon Coast and he graduated with his class in June 2008. The following summer was filled with road trips, vacations, hiking, rafting, playing with friends and spending time in Bend. In September he was thrilled to enroll in Bend High School with most of his class from Westside Village. Jimmy's goal was to make good grades in Algebra, History, and English, He was super excited to take Foods 1 and mechanical drawing. He wanted to eventually be in the Cooking Competition and join the Bowling league, and perhaps, go out for tennis. Football season was coming up and the Lava Bears were hot! Then, on October 10, 2008 at a regular hospital evaluation, it was discovered that his tumor had returned. He was diagnosed with an aggressive, malignant brain tumor that required more treatment. Disappointed, but with strength and a positive attitude, Jimmy went back to Portland for high dose chemotherapy from October through December. The chemo was strong, but Jimmy didn't get very sick as he stayed in the hospital for treatments, hung out and played games or created art projects with other kids, and went to school at Doernbecher. His favorite TV Season Series include The Office and That 70's Show, and The Simpson's, of course, and he's seen every episode of each. On December 29th, another MRI showed the chemo treatments didn't work - so he's undergoing another treatment program at Doernbecher with a newer drug therapy through March of 2009. This treatment is less severe, and works very differently than chemo, with only two infusions each week, and he doesn't have to live in the hospital. But the plan requires him to stay in Portland, Monday through Thursday, each week. Jimmy and his Mom or Dad travel to Portland each Monday morning and return on Thursday nights. Typically, he meets his friends on the weekends at CAT6 or at the movies, hangs out at their house, watches ball games or goes bowling. Most of the time, he stays in touch via cell phone text messages and email. He got an IPOD Touch for Christmas to check his email and uses a laptop PC on loan from the Bend LaPine School District. Using the PC to send and receive messages, jokes, and pictures is great, and he loves to keep up with Sports via the Internet. But, in keeping with Jimmy's desire to have the latest and greatest gadgets, he would rather have an IBook to surf the Internet, "because a MAC is just better". We are all praying the next treatments work against the cancer so Jimmy can finally come back to school full time at Bend High, to be with his friends and continue the subjects he enj


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