Condition: Juvenile Angiofibroma
City, State: OR
Club: Parkrose Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 783
Date Adopted: 9/20/2010

Jeremiah's Story:
(9.20.10) Jeremiah is an individual who is in touch with reality. He doesn't like taking life one day at a time, but is always looking forward to tomorrow. In August 30, 2006, during football practice at Parkrose Middle School, Jeremiah hit a crash pad, which triggered three days of nose bleeding. Jeremiah was diagnosed with a disease called, Juvenile Nasal Angiofibroma. These are benign tumors that developed in his sinus and nasal cavities. Following the diagnosis, the beginning time frame of growth was unknown. The tumor's growth invaded the right side of Jeremiah's face, then wrapped itself around the optical nerve, and finally, attaching itself to the pituitary gland. Most of Jeremiah's 7th grade year was spent in the hospital and at home. After returning to PMS, winter of 2007, the 7th grade staffing team was awesome! His 8th grade year, Jeremiah was encouraged and played on the basketball team. His goal was to run track again, he tried, but wasn't able to complete the season. He never gave up, but was determined to participate in a sport for Parkrose. In 10th grade, he became center for the Parkrose Broncos football team! Jeremiah was so excited to represent his school, in sports, again. Then on May 13, 2010, following a routine check-up, Jeremiah had a setback. He had a nosebleed that lasted 5 ? hours. An MRI showed the tumor had doubled in size and now, life threatening. The tumor had inter-twined itself with the carotid artery. From May 13, 2010 until August 12, Jeremiah was not to be active at all. School ended early and he had no choice but to hang out at home until his team of doctors decided what would be the best option for care. Jeremiah did not hang his head. He encouraged others around him not to lose hope in his recovery. He understood that if sports was out for him, he could still enjoy singing with Parkrose Debutantes and working with theater. By August 8, the team of doctor decided Gamma Knife Radiation was the most feasible option to remove the tumor. The long-term effects from the radiation, compared to fatality, due to invasive surgery, were the deciding factor. Jeremiah has a long road ahead of him but refuses to let it hold him back. While at home, he enjoys creating meals, baking, and reading his bible. His goal is to play football his senior year.


The Original Taco House
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Vital Life Foundation, The Community of Parkrose
Vital Life Foundation, The Community of Parkrose Vital Life Foundation, The Community of Parkrose