Condition: Neuroblastoma
City, State: OR
Club: North Medford High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 651
Date Adopted: 10/04/2010

Jared's Story:
(10.14.10) At just four-years-old, Jared Ramirez-Ponce is in a fight for his life. On April 26, 2010, Jared was admitted to Doernbecher Children's Hospital, diagnosed with rare and aggressive type of childhood cancer called neuroblastoma. To treat this disease, little Jared will require high dose chemotherapy, surgery, bone marrow transplant, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy. This treatment plan will take at least one year and three months to complete, requiring multiple hospital stays during this time. In September of 2010, Jared had his first surgery, in which many tumors were removed from his body and he is scheduled for a bone marrow transplant in October. Due to this aggressive condition, Jared's parents have had to stop working temporarily in order to care for him. The family's greatest need is to have a safe and reliable car to travel to and from Portland every two weeks. Jared hasn't let this disease destroy the rhythm of his life. He loves music, especially hip-hop music, and isn't shy when it comes to showing off his moves on the dance floor. He also loves basketball, playing video games, and watching Power Rangers and the movie Avatar. Through his fight with cancer, Jared is an inspiration and hero to all who meet him.


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