Condition: Wilms Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Seven Peaks School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 413
Date Adopted: 9/26/2008

Ivan's Story:
(1/8/09) Ivan was diagnosed September 14, 2008 with a malignant tumor on his right kidney. He was sent to Doernbecher's right away and they removed his kidney (and tumor) and thankfully it didn't spread to any other organs. Ivan then began his 5 months of chemotherapy. Ivan has lost 12 pounds and doesn't have the energy he used to. Ivan likes Transformers, likes to play soccer, going on hikes, playing at the park, and watching movies while he's resting from Chemo. Ivan's mom has to travel to Doernbecher Hospital in Portland for Ivan's treatments. She will not be able to work so she can care for him during this time. Sparrow cash raised for Ivan will help pay for travel expenses, medical costs, and everyday living expenses.


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