Grizzly R.

Condition: Unknown Genetic Condition
City, State: Shoreline, WA
Club: Lake Forest Park Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours:
Date Adopted: 12/19/2014

Grizzly's Story:
His name is Grizzly--and once you've met this 9 year old live-wire, you'd know why. He's a warm and inviting 'Gentle Ben' when it comes to caring for others. But he's also an un-intimidated, ferocious giant when it comes to facing his long list of medical challenges--.which are certainly not over yet!

Grizzly was born with an unknown genetic condition. From infancy he faced a condition called 'failure to thrive'. And through his short life he's endured more medical issues and surgeries than most people see in a lifetime. These include kidney problems, structural defects in the brain. a non-cancerous brain tumor, club feet, spinal cord disease, meningitis, loss of muscle tone and hearing--and the list goes on. Some of these have been fixed and some he and his family continue to deal with.

Grizzly's school, Lake Forest Park Elementary--and especially his 2nd grade teacher, Ms. Rockey, are very excited for the opportunity to adopt Grizzly as their Sparrow. Grizzly and his family are excited too, not because they are asking for help, but mostly because this will be an opportunity for Grizzly to share his experience, strength and hope with his classmates and friends--to be an inspiration of community service and love in his school.

It's no surprise that Grizzly is happy despite his difficulties, because that is clearly what his home-life is all about. Even though this family of five has faced job loss, financial hardship and even homelessness at one point due to the medical ordeals of Grizzly and his younger brothers--they exude joy and gratitude. Grizzly's dad recently went back to school and is now a first year teacher!

Funds that are raised in this project may help Grizzly get into horse-riding therapy lessons to increase his core strength and/or a special bike to help him learn balance. This project will also bless the family with support for basic maintenance, ancillary medical expenses and other family needs.

Everyone is grateful for the generous sponsor of the Sparrow for Grizzly Project--Prime Electric. With connections to the school community, this project has special meaning for them as well! Thank you, Prime Electric, for setting the stage for Lake Forest Park Elementary to be heroes for their Sparrow, Grizzly! You are heroes too!


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