Condition: Central Abductor Paresis of the Vocal Cords
City, State: OR
Club: Eagle Point High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1027
Date Adopted: 3/17/2009

Emma's Story:
Emma Shelton is a sweet and talkative 5-year-old girl with a full head of curly red hair. Emma was born with a condition known as abductor paralysis, which means that her vocal cords do not open properly or sufficiently, cutting off her ability to breathe. Because of this, doctors performed a tracheotomy and gave her a breathing tube when she was just 7 days old and she has had it ever since. Doctors said that Emma might eventually grow out of this condition but Emma's mother Darci wanted to do more if at all possible. Darci's perseverance paid off when she found a specialist in Ohio willing to perform a special surgery that would help. In May of 2010, doctors performed a vocal cord lateralization, further opening Emma's vocal cords. Emma speaks with a raspy voice, a result from the surgery and will need speech therapy, but doctors say these things will get better with time. She still has her breathing tube for now, but hopes are high that it will be able to be removed in the future. Even though Emma has trouble with her vocal cords, it doesn't stop her from doing things she loves to do, such as singing and dancing. She is an intelligent and outgoing little girl who knows sign language, loves to do schoolwork, and absolutely adores animals, especially her two bunnies. Money raised through community service done by students at Eagle Point High School will be used to help pay the high costs of out of network doctor bills, medical travel expenses, and will help with general living expenses.


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