Condition: Lymphoblastic Lymphoma
City, State: OR
Club: Lave Ridge Elementary School Skyview Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 396
Date Adopted: 1/12/2010

Daniel's Story:
(1/11/10) Daniel Carreon is a bright, active young man all of 8 years old. He loves to be with his friends whether it's playing soccer, riding bikes or just hanging out playing video games. But when he could no longer play football without pain, his parents knew something was wrong. Back in July of 2009, Daniel was complaining of pain in his knee. After an examination by doctors, they decided it was nothing and that Daniel needed to stay off it a few days and it should return to normal. And that is exactly what it did. Until he began playing flag football that fall. One missed practiced turned into more missed practices until Daniel woke up one morning with his knee so swollen that he wasn't able to walk. A week later, after numerous tests and days spent in the hospital, Daniel and his parents received the devastating news that Daniel had cancer. After Daniel's diagnosis of Lymphoblastic Lymphoma, he began his chemotherapy treatments at Doernbecher's Childrens Hospital in Portland. While his prognosis is good, he will receive treatments for the next two years of his young life. He will have numerous tests, procedures and spinal taps to endure during that time. Daniel is trying hard to keep life as normal as possible. Even though he has a compromised immune system, he attends school as much as he can. He still loves to hang out with his friends, ride his bike, and play those video games. And he spends a lot of time with his very best pal, his dog Chewe. Sparrow cash raised for Daniel will help pay the family's travel expenses to and from Portland for treatments as well as the medical expenses, pharmacy costs and everyday living expenses that come from this kind of medical crises.


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