Condition: Mowat-Wilson Syndrome
City, State: OR
Club: Crater Academy of Health & Public Services Sparrow Club Service Hours: 2593
Date Adopted: 10/01/2009

Cohen's Story:
(10.01.09) Cohen Hilkey is 4-years-old. When his mom, Deirdre, was pregnant with him, Cohen was only given a 5% chance of being born alive, due to a water-filled tumor on the back of his head. Cohen was born alive and has been beating the odds since then. He does suffer from cerebral palsy-like symptoms, vision difficulties, is non-verbal, and has developmental delays. Up until recently, Cohen spent much of his time in a special wheelchair, as doctors said he might not ever crawl or walk. However, within the last couple of weeks, Cohen has surprised everyone by beginning to crawl on all-fours throughout his home. After 4 years of challenges and tests, doctors believe that Cohen has a rare syndrome called Mowat-Wilson Syndrome, in which only 175 people worldwide have. Armed with this new information, Cohen's parents are committed to doing absolutely everything they can to improve the quality of their little boy's life. Cohen loves music, loves to swim, and has one of the best smiles around.


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Central Point Rotary and Frances Chaney
Central Point Rotary and Frances Chaney Central Point Rotary and Frances Chaney