Cadence O.

Condition: Cerebral Palsy
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: St. Mary's School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 958
Date Adopted: 9/12/2011

Cadence's Story:
At two-years-old, Cadence is adorable, sweet, and very expressive, despite the fact that she has very little control of her body, due to being born with cerebral palsy. Cadence’s brain cannot properly send signals to the rest of her body because of damage to the myelin sheath that surrounds the nerve fibers of the brain. Tests have also revealed that Cadence’s brain isn’t growing at the proper rate and she is currently undergoing testing that will hopefully explain the reason for this.
Cadence is fed via G-tube (installed when she was a year old) and her physical development is delayed- she doesn’t crawl, sit up, and can’t support her own weight. She does make use of a stander, but she spends much of her time in a wheelchair. Physical therapy twice a month and occupational therapy once a month help keep her body from tightening up to much. Her eyes, which are the only part of her body that she has full control of, both have astigmatisms. In addition, Cadence travels to Portland five to six times a year to meet with doctors and specialists.
Cadence’s sweet disposition and happy demeanor shine through even in the face of her condition. She gets excited about anything having to do with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and loves music, especially when her father plays his guitar.
Money raised for Cadence by St. Mary’s students, through community service and fundraising, will help cover medical travel expenses and basic living expenses. Money may also help with the cost of a computer with special communication software and switches, all of which can be used to help Cadence learn to communicate.


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