Condition: Relapse of ALL Leukemia
City, State: OR
Club: Sisters High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1019
Date Adopted: 12/09/2010

Avrey's Story:
Avrey Walker is a bubbly, beautiful young lady of 7 years old. Until recently, when her family noticed that she was not feeling well and was beginning to show some unusual bruising. Back up to October 14, 2007, a day the Walker family will never forget. It is the day when their then 4 year-old little girl was diagnosed with ALL � Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Not long before that Avrey had become really lethargic and had a lot of bruising. They took her to the doctor in Redmond where they ran many tests. They were told that she would need to go to Doernbecher's for more testing. Once there they did a bone marrow biopsy and discovered the high risk leukemia. They started chemo right away and set her up on a course of treatment that would last three years. February 2010, Avrey and her family celebrate as her treatment comes to a close. She begins to feel like a normal little girl again enjoying school, playing with her friends and spending time with her family, mom Christal, dad Aaron and her big sister Madison. She has to go in every few weeks to get checkups to make sure that the cancer hasn't returned. Fast forward to December 6, 2010 when the Walker family receives the devastating news that Avrey's cancer is not only back but it is aggressive. They immediately return to Doernbechers to talk about their options. The family decides that the best treatment plan will be two years of high levels of chemo and steroids to hopefully knock the cancer out for good. They will be in Portland for while as Avrey receives chemo every few days and needs to be close to the hospital. Avrey is still a beautiful young lady of seven that enjoys her family, school, playing with her friends and being outside. She is struggling to feel well enough to do those things right now but the family is hopeful that she will be healed once and for all. Sparrow cash raised for Avrey will help pay for medical bills, transportation costs and expenses for the family while they are staying in Portland.


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