Condition: Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
City, State: WA
Club: Peter Kirk Elemjentary School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 25
Date Adopted: 9/28/2010

Alexya's Story:
(1.24.11) Alexya is a beautiful five year old girl who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia at age two. She was treated with chemo as part of a two and one-half year treatment plan. She reacted favorably and was in remission. Unfortunately six months later, on her fifth birthday, Alexya relapsed and doctors determined that she would need a stem cell transplant. Alexya underwent surgery and received her transplant on October 22, 2010. Alexya has had some ups and downs but she is strong and determined and is currently receiving chemotherapy treatments every week. Alexya has wonderful parents, Leslie and Juan along with a baby brother Davien. Mom describes Alexya as somewhat of a tomboy and she likes both dinosaurs and Barbie dolls. Alexya enjoys jumping on the trampoline, is a great helper around the house and loves to visit grandma. Money raised by Sparrow Clubs will assist Alexya and her family with medical costs, prescriptions and supplements, rent, car payments and other necessities. A note from Alexya's mother: Alexya had been given a 40-50% chance of survival, When she was first diagnosed she was given a 95% chance, but when she relapsed a lot of the cancer was back. This is why she was in need of a transplant, without it she had a very low percentage and doctors said it would likely come back and she would not survive it. We don't like to think about that, Alexya will win this fight!! She's strong and we have our faith that keeps us going.


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