Alejandro M.

Condition: Stage 4 Chronic Kidney Disease
City, State: Medford, OR
Club: South Medford High School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 961
Date Adopted: 12/01/2014

Alejandro's Story:

Eight-year-old Alejandro lives and breathes sports, especially football. In addition to having in depth knowledge of players, rules, and the game in general, Alejandro carries with him the same kind of drive and determination that most athletes have, which helps him press on through the most difficult parts of his medical journey.

Alejandro has stage four chronic kidney disease and is currently on the list for kidney transplant. Doctors first discovered that something was wrong when Alejandro’s mother was 19 weeks pregnant with him. Once Alejandro was born, his kidneys were mostly scar tissue and were only functioning at 14% capacity. He was originally scheduled for a kidney transplant at two years old, but the surgery had to be postponed.

Today, Alejandro’s kidneys are functioning at 24% and doctors say that transplant is imminent. Alejandro currently takes five medications on a daily basis and his body is often sore and tired. Once he receives his transplant, he will have to take several anti-rejection medications as well.

Alejandro knows that after his transplant, he will be unable to play contact sports, but he is determined to still make sports a big part of his world. His courageous warrior spirit is an inspiration to all who know him.

Alejandro will be adopted as a Sparrow to South Medford High School. Students will work hard to raise money for him through sponsored community service and fundraising projects.


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