Leslie Neugebauer: President

Leslie Neugebauer

Leslie Neugebauer is the Senior Director of Medicaid Governance at PacificSource Community Solutions which manages the Oregon Health Plan benefit for the region. She worked the majority of her clinical career, as an Occupational Therapist, with children and adolescents. She lives in Bend with her husband and two children. Leslie joined the Board of Directors in 2017.Leslie Neugebauer

Brant Wommack MD: Treasurer

Brant Wommack MD

Brant is a radilogy partner and co-owner of Central Oregon Radiology Associates. He also is currently serving as Medical Director of Radiology at St Charles Medical Center, Bend. Brant joined the Board of Directors in 2019.Brant Wommack MD

Bella Burgess: Director

Bella Burgess

Bella is currently in school majoring in medical imaging working towards becoming a pediatric Cardiac Sonographer. She lives in Redmond with her family. She was a sparrow herself as a child, and she was a part of the sparrow club in high school.Bella Burgess

Hector Santiago:

Hector Santiago

As a teacher for the past 15 years, I've built curriculum and care around science, English, and Student Leadership. At the root of my pedagogy, I believe people who come together with a positive mindset can effect an indelible change. Around 2006 I made the decision that I wanted to change my own life severely, so I changed career paths from a lucrative Computer Science and Software Engineer at Charles Schwab, where the dollar was always in focus, to teaching, where there was a greater life focus and opportunity on leaving a legacy of strength and integrity for the generations who follow. I've always had routine and discipline in my life as a soldier and musician in the United States Army, but I've also always had passion in my life to go where I feel I can serve best, and no matter the challenge, I feel that opportunity and experience offer the best life lessons. I am proud of my life path, and continue to seek serving my community.Hector Santiago

Matt Montoya: Director

Matt Montoya

Matt is a full time Realtor in Central Oregon. He joined the Board in 2022 and was first connected to Sparrow Clubs in 2010. Matt lives in Bend with his wife Jenn and their two boys.Matt Montoya

Crystal Brae: Director

Crystal Brae

Crystal Brae is an Oregon native. She was first introduced to Sparrow Clubs when her son Tytan was diagnosed with cancer and was chosen as a Sparrow. This organization was a massive blessing for him to be a part of. It gave him hope and support. He always said he would return the favor and join Sparrow Clubs when he reached high school. When he passed, Crystal committed to living out his legacy and became a board member in honor of Tytan and all that Sparrow did for her family.Crystal Brae

Rob Brown: Director

Rob Brown

Rob is a Partner and Sales Representative for Johnson Barrow Oregon. He first became involved with Sparrow Clubs as part of his Senior Project at South Medford High School in 2002. Rob and his company are passionate about the value Sparrow Clubs brings to the community.Rob Brown