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Central Christian School Condition: Gastroschisis
City, State: OR
Club: Central Christian School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 1076
Date Adopted: 12/14/2007

Taylor's Story:
(2/6/08) Taylor Hahn was born on November 28th (2 weeks premature) and has been in a battle for her little life every day since then. For her parents, Jeremy and Nikki, this is their first baby and they weren't prepared for everything they've had to go through with Taylor. Nothing can prepare you for something like that. Taylor was born at Legacy Emmanuel Hospital in Portland and was transferred to Seattle Children's Hospital. She was born with gastroschisis and only had 8 -10% of usable small bowel (or intestine) which required surgery. This condition is referred to as short bowel syndrome. It was caused by the umbilical cord being wrapped tightly around her intestines which were on the outside of her body at birth. Taylor has had to have IV nutrition since birth. She has been evaluated for an intestinal transplant which she will need to survive. Due to her condition, her liver will also be affected which may lead to her needing both an intestinal and liver transplant. This double transplant is likely to occur within the first year of her life. Taylor is two months old now and still only weighs 8 pounds, 2 ounces. She will need to weigh 17 to 20 pounds before they can do the double transplant. Taylor's skin is very yellow looking because of the jaundice (due to her liver not working properly). The doctors are talking about letting the family come home to Redmond sometime in the near future and do all Taylor's treatments in Bend, but there is no date set yet and the family is unsure how well that will work out because there is so much that goes into taking care of all her special needs. This is very difficult and scary for a young couple. Taylor depends on the doctors, nurses, and her family to help her get through every day. They all have stayed at the Ronald McDonald House in Seattle when they're not in the hospital there. Taylor's Grandma Cindy has been with them too and helps out as much as she can. Sparrow cash raised for Taylor will help cover the medical expenses not covered by insurance, the travel costs for the many trips Jeremy has had to make from Redmond to Seattle, and basic living expenses due to Jeremy's loss of work during this time.


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