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Crook County Middle School Condition: Wilms Tumor
City, State: OR
Club: Crook County Middle School Sparrow Club Service Hours: 326
Date Adopted: 11/15/2007

Jake's Story:
(1/17/08) At 3 years of age, Jake Napier is a very active little boy. You wouldn't know he has endured so much since this past May. It was then that Jake's mom noticed that his abdomen was extended on one side and they took him to the hospital in Madras. He had never complained of any pain until the night before they went to the hospital and he said his stomach hurt. Once at the hospital they did a CT Scan and found a tumor the size of a small Nerf football! On May 19, 2007 he was diagnosed with a Wilms tumor (kidney cancer). He was taken by ambulance immediately to Doernbecher's Hospital in Portland because his blood pressure was dangerously high at that point. They did a number of tests and four days later they did surgery. They were able to remove the whole tumor along with his left kidney � without any of the cancer spreading. Thankfully the cancer was still at Stage One when they found it. Jake still had to do 5 months of Chemotherapy. Today his right kidney is okay and he can live with only one kidney. There is less than a 10% chance that the cancer can come back but he still needs to go every three months for check-ups. The port in his chest will be removed at the end of this month. Despite all of his challenges, Jake never let any of this get him down. He likes to play with his cars and loves motorcycles and dirt bikes. He likes to play with his Dad and loves to go fishing. Jake's favorite movies are Toy Story and The Lion King. He has a favorite stuffed lion that he won't go anywhere without. He also likes Sponge Bob. His favorite food is hot dogs with french-fries and he loves ketchup on everything! Jake has a 5 year old sister, and a loving Mom and Dad. Things have been tough since Mom had to quit her job to take care of Jake. Sparrow cash raised for Jake will help pay for the medical transportation needs that were not covered, and everyday living expenses.


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Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple yet heroic acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.