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Forest Park Elementary Condition: Otopalatodigital Syndrome
City, State: OR
Club: Forest Park Elementary Sparrow Club Service Hours: 361
Date Adopted: 12/14/2007

Jai's Story:
(12/14/07) Jai is an outgoing and extremely friendly second grader. He was born with an extremely rare genetic disorder called Otopalatodigital Syndrome. He's one of approximately 35 documented children worldwide who have to now strive to live a normal life. Born in India, he was adopted to a single Mom in the Portland area in April 2006. In the 8 years of his life up to this point he has endured numerous cranial, dental and other surgeries attempting to improve the 3rd degree cleft palette he was born with, as well as other abnormalities also. Jai was also born with problems in his right foot, a heart defect, hearing problems and will most likely develop scoliosis later in life. He loves Spiderman, The Fantastic 4, drawing, Top Ramen, quesadillas and is excited to score goals in his soccer games, a sport that is new to him! Jai, along with his loving mom, Terry, and his younger sister, Gouri, who is also adopted from India, will use Sparrow Cash raised to help pay for Jai's expensive custom hearing aids and upcoming surgery costs. We are very excited for Forest Park Elementary School in Portland, OR to adopt him! This wonderful school has been associated with two other Sparrows in the past. This wouldn't be possible without the sponsor, who chooses to remain anonymous.



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