SparrowsCity, StateClubAdoption Date
Aaliyah S. G. Cornelius, OR Forest Grove High School 1/17/2014
Abel B. Sisters, OR Sisters High School 10/11/2012
Abel A. Beaverton, OR Westview High School 2/02/2012
Abi Z. Beaverton, OR Aloha High School 4/02/2012
Abigail A. OR Bend Christian Homeschoolers 11/21/2006
Abraham A. Bend, OR Highland Elementary School 9/20/2013
Addison I. Central Point, OR Crater Academy of Health & Public Service 9/20/2012
Addison D. OR North Valley High School 10/04/2011
Adrian R. Yakima, WA John Campbell Elementary 10/20/2014
Adriana OR Vern Patrick Elementary 10/18/2007
Adriana OR Franklin High School 4/01/2008
Adriene M. Indianapolis, IN William McKinley #39 1/06/2014
Adryan B. Medford, OR South Medford High School 9/19/2012
Aiden B. Noblesville, IN Hinkle Creek Elementary School 9/03/2013
Aiden W. OR Bend High School 12/12/2011
Alana P. Redmond, OR Trinity Lutheran School 2/01/2012
Alec OR Sunset High School 4/03/2007
Alejandro M. Medford, OR South Medford High School 12/01/2014
Alena OR Aloha High School 10/19/2010
Alex A. OR North Medford High School 8/08/2011
Alex OR Pilot Butte Middle School 10/05/2007
Alex S. Ashland, OR Ashland Middle School 4/02/2014
Alex R. Hillsboro, OR Glencoe High School 5/01/2013
Alexander H. Bend, OR Seven Peaks School 12/19/2014
Alexandrea OR South Medford High School 4/13/2010
Alexya WA Peter Kirk Elemjentary School 9/28/2010
Alisha OR Jacksonville Elementary School 12/15/2008
Allen WA Lake Washington High School 10/17/2007
Allison WA Meadowdale High School 10/29/2007
Alvaro R. OR Oak Grove Elementary School 2/01/2012
Alyssa OR Terra Linda Elementary School 1/29/2008
Alyssa W.L. Portland, OR Beaverton High School 3/15/2013
Amari PW. Central Point, OR Crater High School 1/30/2015
Amariz OR White Mountain Middle School 2/01/2011
Amber OR Metropolitan Learning Center 1/20/2010
Anabelle W. Bend, OR Morning Star Christian School 10/23/2013
Andra OR Eastmont School 9/15/2008
Andrew OR Bonny Slope Elementary School 3/17/2009
Andrew WA Auburn High School 10/20/2008
Andrew G. Beaverton, OR Quatama Elementary School 2/25/2014
Angel OR Rogue Valley Adventist School 1/09/2010
Angelica S. Medford, OR Orchard Hill Elementary School 12/05/2012
Annie M. Bend, OR Mountain View High School 2/20/2015
Anthony L. Ellensburg, WA Morgan Middle School 11/04/2013
Anthony WA Kittitas High School 6/11/2007
Antonio P. Phoenix, OR Phoenix High School 11/14/2012
Aquilla OR Central Christian School 10/27/2010
Arden & Naya P. Beaverton, OR Southridge High School 3/16/2012
Ariana OR South Medford High School 1/08/2007
Arion B. Williams, OR Hidden Valley High School 12/04/2014
Armando WA St. Monica's 9/04/2008
Ashley OR Lost River High School 4/15/2008
Ashley OR Gladstone High School 4/21/2008
Audrey OR Parkrose Middle School 9/22/2008
Austin WA Marysville Arts & Technology High School 3/05/2008
Austin OR Desert View Elementary 11/16/2007
Austin OR South Middle School 1/21/2009
Avory C. Ellensburg, WA Lincoln Elementary School 9/26/2014
Avrey OR Sisters High School 12/09/2010
Axel R. Moses Lake, WA Rosa Parks Elementary School 1/10/2013
Bailey R. WA St Monica School 8/22/2011
Bauer W. Medford, OR St. Mary's School 9/18/2012
Bella OR David Douglas High School 1/06/2009
Benjamin OR Mountain View High School 12/12/2008
Benjamin OR Cascade Christian High School 2/18/2011
Benjamin OR North Medford High School 8/22/2008
Benjamin OR Ensworth Elementary School 4/23/2008
Benjamin H. Molalla, OR West Linn High School 11/22/2013
Blossom OR North Valley High School 12/20/2010
Bowyn WA St. Monica's 1/29/2009
Brandon OR Culver High School 2/01/2010
Brandy M. Medford, OR McLoughlin Middle School 4/12/2013
Braydon D. Bend, OR Cascade Middle School 10/26/2012
Braydon D. Bend, OR Redmond Proficiency Academy 3/03/2014
Brenden A. Ellensburg, WA Mercer Creek Youth Group 11/04/2013
Brian B. Eagle Point, OR Eagle Point High School 11/01/2013
Brian M. Medford, OR North Medford High School 9/19/2012
Brian OR Hermiston High School 11/27/2006
Brianna OR Hillsboro High School 11/19/2007
Brianna W. Redmond, OR Central Christian School 2/28/2012
Bryce OR Cascade Christian High School 4/30/2007
Brynlee C. Bend, OR Summit High School 12/20/2013
Bryson OR Westside Elementary School 12/19/2006
Caden OR Redmond High School 8/27/2008
Cadence O. Medford, OR St. Mary's School 9/12/2011
Caitlyn L. Grants Pass, OR Hidden Valley High School 11/14/2012
Cameron M. Corvallis, OR Parkrose Middle School, Portland 11/27/2012
Cameron H. Madras, OR Jefferson Middle School 12/10/2013
Carly C. OR Crater Academy of Health & Public Service 12/14/2011
Caroline OR Eastmont School 11/06/2009
Carson C. Marysville, WA Margaret Mead Elementary School 2/24/2012
Cassidy A. Auburn, WA Overlake Christian School 1/14/2014
Cassy B. Redmond, OR Central Christian School 11/06/2013
Catherine P. Medford, OR Jacksonville Elementary 11/04/2014
Chadlee P. Metolius, OR Crook County High School 11/10/2011
Chance OR Henley Elementary School 1/08/2008
Chance H. Keizer, OR Western Oregon University 5/04/2012
Chandler F. Shoreline, WA St. Monica School 9/24/2012
Charlotte C. Alexandria, IN Alexandria Elementary School 4/13/2015
Chase WA Stadium High School 12/07/2009

Helping Kids help kids In Medical Need

Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple yet heroic acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.