SparrowsCity, StateClubAdoption Date
Kelsey K. OR Summit High School 9/19/2011
Cadence O. Medford, OR St. Mary's School 9/12/2011
Joel M. OR Hedrick Middle School 9/06/2011
Jesse W. OR Eastmont Community School 8/29/2011
Nicole D. OR LaPine High School 8/25/2011
Bailey R. WA St Monica School 8/22/2011
Felicia S. OR Parkrose Middle School 8/22/2011
Danyka L. OR Obsidian Middle School 8/18/2011
Jaydn OR Eagle Point High School 8/15/2011
Macie B. OR Mazama High School 8/15/2011
Alex A. OR North Medford High School 8/08/2011
Dominic C. Medford, OR Hanby Middle School 7/27/2011
Sean WA Eastlake High School 4/29/2011
Dylan E. OR Rogue River High School 4/11/2011
Kaylie WA Emily Dickinson Elementary 4/04/2011
Rory OR Lynch Elementary School 2/24/2011
Benjamin OR Cascade Christian High School 2/18/2011
Kaheawai K. OR Cascade Middle School 2/08/2011
Amariz OR White Mountain Middle School 2/01/2011
Kylie C. OR Sisters High School 2/01/2011
Landon WA Christa McAuliffe Elementary School 2/01/2011
Blossom OR North Valley High School 12/20/2010
Jema B. OR Jacksonville Elementary 12/17/2010
Avrey OR Sisters High School 12/09/2010
Joey OR LaPine Middle School 11/16/2010
Kyler OR John Tuck Elementary School 11/11/2010
Jack OR Pilot Butte Middle School 11/05/2010
Jaden OR Forest Grove High School 11/03/2010
Kaleb OR Grants Pass High School 10/30/2010
Paisley OR Lone Pine Elementary 10/29/2010
Aquilla OR Central Christian School 10/27/2010
Zailynn OR Hermiston High School 10/21/2010
Alena OR Aloha High School 10/19/2010
Jackson OR Summit High School 10/19/2010
Jared OR North Medford High School 10/04/2010
Alexya WA Peter Kirk Elemjentary School 9/28/2010
Sara OR Mountain View High School 9/28/2010
Kyle OR Westside Church Youth 9/21/2010
Jeremiah OR Parkrose Middle School 9/20/2010
Remi OR Highland Elementary School 9/16/2010
Jayden OR Trinity Lutheran School 9/08/2010
Faith OR Crater Academy of Health & Public Science 9/01/2010
Hayden OR McLoughlin Middle School 8/02/2010
Reily OR McLoughlin Middle School 8/02/2010
Ellie OR Miller Elementary 6/09/2010
Eddy OR Hanby Middle School 6/07/2010
Alexandrea OR South Medford High School 4/13/2010
Emilio WA Assumption St Bridget School 4/12/2010
MaKenzi OR Crook County Middle School 3/05/2010
William (Liam) J. Beaverton, OR Aloha High School 3/01/2010
Mia OR Seven Peaks School 2/18/2010
Seth OR Sisters High School 2/08/2010
Brandon OR Culver High School 2/01/2010
Robbie OR South Middle School, Grants Pass 1/29/2010
Amber OR Metropolitan Learning Center 1/20/2010
Mishele OR Grants Pass High School 1/19/2010
Kristopher WA Mtn View High School, Vancouver, WA 1/14/2010
Daniel OR Lave Ridge Elementary School 1/12/2010
Angel OR Rogue Valley Adventist School 1/09/2010
Chase WA Stadium High School 12/07/2009
Holly OR Sisters High School 12/01/2009
Lizzianne WA St Thomas Moore 11/17/2009
Caroline OR Eastmont School 11/06/2009
Sawyer OR Hedrick Middle School 10/29/2009
Ethan OR South Medford High School 10/21/2009
Jacob OR Obsidian Middle School 10/08/2009
Cohen OR Crater Academy of Health & Public Services 10/01/2009
Kegan OR Forest Grove High School 9/30/2009
Hazel ID Kellogg Middle School 9/28/2009
Henry X. WA St Monica School 9/28/2009
Ethan OR Park Rose Elementary School 9/15/2009
Taylor OR Summit High School 8/18/2009
Sam OR LaGrande High School 8/14/2009
Davis OR Lynch Elementary School 7/21/2009
Hunter OR Highland Elementary School 7/02/2009
Courtney OR North Middle School 5/13/2009
Nakuana OR Aloha High School 3/25/2009
Sophia WA St Catherines School 3/18/2009
Andrew OR Bonny Slope Elementary School 3/17/2009
Emma OR Eagle Point High School 3/17/2009
Maddison OR Vern Patrick Elementary 3/11/2009
Miguel CA Sultana High School 3/04/2009
Randy OR West Salem High School 2/26/2009
Riley MT Alkali Creek Elementary School 2/26/2009
Leticia WA Federal Way High School 2/24/2009
Jazmin OR Henley High School 2/18/2009
Hayley OR Terra Linda Elementary 2/13/2009
Jacob OR David Douglas High School 2/13/2009
Jet OR High Lakes Elementary School 2/13/2009
Cheyenne OR Crook County Middle School 2/06/2009
Rhema WA Seattle Prep School 2/03/2009
Bowyn WA St. Monica's 1/29/2009
Austin OR South Middle School 1/21/2009
Jimmy OR Bend High School 1/19/2009
Bella OR David Douglas High School 1/06/2009
Chloe OR Phoenix High School 12/17/2008
Tyler OR Kennedy Elementary School 12/17/2008
Sahara OR Grants Pass High School 12/16/2008
Alisha OR Jacksonville Elementary School 12/15/2008
Benjamin OR Mountain View High School 12/12/2008

empowering Kids to help kids In Medical Need

Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple yet heroic acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.