Sparrow Clubs USA

Sparrow Clubs USA is primarily a Pacific Northwest charity, serving in the states of Oregon and Washington.  During the recent recession, we have had to pull back from operating outside the Pacific Northwest due to the lack of resources.  The recent airing of ABC's Extreme Makeover Home Edition featuring the McPhail family and Sparrow Clubs has sparked a large interest in Sparrow Clubs across the nation.  While we would love to be able to launch Sparrow projects in every state, it is just not possible at this time.  Our Board of Directors is willing to review inquiries outside of Oregon and Washington on a case by case basis.


Our Core Values

Compassion: We believe that all children will benefit from having meaningful opportunities to engage in giving of themselves to others in need.

Conscience: We believe that children learn best from education and life experiences that establish a foundation for successful decision-making.

Character: We believe that children can distinguish themselves with special traits and qualities at an early stage in their lives when they are presented with opportunities to engage in activities that promote selflessness, service, and caring for others.

Community: We believe that the quality of life within and around each community can be enriched when members, including children, have the opportunity to give of themselves for the betterment of the whole community.


Our Story - The Power Of One

In 1992, teacher Jeff Leeland and his wife Kristi found themselves in a desperate situation. Insurance at his new job did not cover the $200,000 needed for a lifesaving bone marrow transplant for his nine-month-old son, Michael. Jeff taught an Adaptive PE class where Dameon, a 325 pound seventh grader, helped out daily. After hearing about his teacher’s dilemma, Dameon emptied his bank account and made an offering of twelve five dollar bills to help save Michael's life. Dameon's $60 donation of hope started a chain reaction of compassion by the kids and staff at Kamiakin Junior High. The community rallied behind these students and in just four weeks an amazing $227,000 was raised, Michael received his lifesaving transplant, and kids at Kamiakin were the heroes! These students created a future model for students to become catalysts of the same spirit of compassion and contribution in their own communities by helping children in medical need... and in 1995, Sparrow Clubs was born.


Helping Kids help kids In Medical Need

Sparrow Clubs exist to set the stage for simple yet heroic acts of kindness in schools and youth culture by empowering kids to help kids in medical need.